Casey in The Shredder Strikes Back, Part 2’

I remember this part in this episode like it was yesterday. 10 years ago, watching this for the first time, it was really the moment I fell for Casey. Of course Donnie will always be my favourite but there’s a reason I CANNOT hate Casey and this is really it. 

[Pardon me, I’m refreshing my TMNT 2003 knowledge I just finished Season 1 and I HAD to make this]

Honestly its easy to see how Casey may not be the turtle’s favourite person at this point. Early in this season Casey was pretty unbearable (but all still funny to watch XD) crashing at the turtles place when he wasn’t wanted, breaking their things, interrupting their training.

But he’s really like the brother you can’t hate.

And he loves the turtles and April like his family.

This scene, no one called him for help. The turtles were getting smashed. April had to look after Leo. But he came crashing through the window like a freaking badass. Because his friends were in trouble and they needed his help. He’s going to fight with them anyway because they are his friends.

He didn’t need to. He could be the rebel everyone keeps saying he is (casey haters)  and look out for himself. But he doesn’t. He may be an idiot. But he’s an idiot for does what’s right.

Look at Splinter’s ELITE GUARD. He crashes a freaking MOTORCYCLE INTO THEIR FACES. And if that isn’t good enough he bashes TWO of them away in ONE SWIPE!! Shredder’s so called ‘Elite Guard’. I thought it was super cool.

And in the last gif he fights WITH the turtles. This isn’t his fight. Sure Hun is there, purple dragon stuff but the Shredder isn’t his fight. But he fights with the turtles and Splinter anyway. They are his FAMILY.

I squealed like a baby when he came crashing through that window, because he may not save the day but he’s damn well going to try. 

You cannot hate Casey Jones.